About us

Since 1995 Teknovent has offered top class indoor climate. Our speciality is turnkey contracts where we can, according to your wishes and requirements, offer the best possible technical solutions in a safe and cost-effective way. Regardless the project delivery method we always act in a integrated cooperation with all stakeholders. We are flexible, long-term and put you, our customer, in focus. 

Teknovent operates mainly in the Stockholm region in behalf of companies, property owners, municipalities and county councils. We undertake large as well as small projects inclusive but not excklusive to shops, housing, conference rooms, offices, shopping centers, restaurants, catering facilities, showrooms and more. We also implement installations throughout properties that will undergo renovation or modification, as well as existing service work and investigations within our guild.

All of our project managers are Base P/U trained. Teknovent works according to PLR's quality control and is certified as an authorized installer for Swegon.

We have the highest credit rating and are registered for F-tax.

We perform OVK (Mandatory Ventilation Control)

We are certified as an authorized installer for Swegon.